In the EDGE project, Focused Minds is leading the launch of Husqvarna’s X-Cut product. The company has commissioned a new, fully automated factory in the town of Huskvarna for the manufacture of chainsaw chains. The development of proprietary chainsaw chains was also part of the project known as EDGE. It is a strategically important project in which Husqvarna has invested more than SEK 1 billion. The project is complex and presents many challenges. Husqvarna has to catch up with the technological lead established by its competitors, who have been producing chainsaw chains for more than 30 years. The project has involved the development of new chains, production methods and machines, getting everything in place and functioning together, while also developing new skills and training personnel.

Not only has Focused Minds acted as principal management in the EDGE project for the global product launch in the chainsaw market and aftermarket, but it was also responsible for supplies to all warehouses and factories for chainsaw production. The assignment included handling and coordinating everything from the go-to-market strategy, marketing, product supply including the phasing out and phasing in of products in warehouses, and most importantly, the replacement of all existing chainsaw models, certifications, manuals and technical documentation etc.

In the project, the team has had to be extremely agile, and keep a sharp focus on management, the market and other stakeholders. To complete its assignment, the project team had to be extremely flexible and combine a focus on moving things forward with the technical complexity involved in developing and manufacturing the new chains.

“Among Focused Minds’ strengths is its ability to respond by working with the smallest details when necessary, before moments later leading the work forward in major issues of principal for different stakeholders.”

– Anders Bengtsson, Vice President Parts & Accessories, Husqvarna Group

There are many internal stakeholders and contact interfaces. The global launch of a product involves the preparation of sales and marketing materials in many languages, and running local product launches and sales campaigns in the various countries, and coordinating this with the company’s other activities. The key to success here was good internal collaboration in the project team and with the company through fast, effective communication. Another key to success was excellent personal chemistry and goal orientation.

With the global launch of the first chain behind us, we cannot but say that the product was a great success as Husqvarna has increased its sales and the X-cut product has enjoyed a very positive reception among users. Thanks to the EDGE project, Husqvarna was not only able to increase its chainsaw chain sales on the existing market, but also to open up new markets. Despite the tough assignment, the launch of the first X-Cut SP33G chain not only showed the company was able to measure up to its competitors, but also even beat them!