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Focused Minds – consultancy services with a focus on management and organisation.

Focused Minds consists of specialists and leaders whose experience from a great many different industries create an excellent platform from which to offer you and your company a great range of skills. It begins with the management group.

It starts in the management team.

It’s no secret that committed leadership, high customer loyalty and good profitability are closely linked. Committed leaders create committed employees, which results in an organisation that generates customer value and makes sure the customer experience is the very best. Together, these things form the basis of high customer loyalty, positive growth and long-term.

How we work.

We work closely with the customer

Close collaboration, an attentive ear and a great mix of different experiences and skills create results. There’s always a minimum of two consultants in each project who are well acquainted with it, even if only one consultant is actively engaged. We see a strength in assuring the quality of our work together and in always using a close colleague as a sounding board. 

Well-documented leadership experience

Project management



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