About Focused Minds.

With the spirit of Småland.

We make things easy for our customers. We are business partners and work for the long-term with a focus on results. Innovative thinking, reliability and ambition are just some of the watchwords that form the backbone of our basic values. Our origins in Småland with its deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit have taught us the importance of creating good relations with colleagues and customers alike. Our relationships are built on our values.

New angles create new opportunities.

Companies are influenced by the world at large, and globalisation, digitisation and new technology are typical factors that place high demands on a company’s ability to transform and change. Temporarily reinforcing the management team with a specific skill to gain an external perspective makes it easier for the team to stake out the strategic route ahead. We tailor our leadership and organisational consultancy services to suit the specific needs of your company.

Concrete and clear results are the goal.

Our consultants have extensive leadership experience at various levels in different industry segments. They all share a characteristic high level of motivation and commitment to change that brings with it improvements. We help our customers all the way from feasibility study and analysis right through to implementation. We regard challenges as opportunities and find satisfaction in clear-cut results. We’re convinced that anything good can always be better.

Well-documented experience.


We have many consultants. Information about some of us is set out below. Feel free to contact us for further examples to find a suitable consultant for your particular needs.

Petter Hellgren

Petter Kellgren

Petter’s background includes positions as CEO, VP Operations, Technical Director and Product Manager. His expertise is primarily in change management, business development and technical development.

Jan Thulin

Jan Thulin

Jan has a background as CEO, Head of Business Area and consultant. His expertise is primarily in the procurement of IT services with special expertise within strategy, BI, ERP and change management.

Sami Backman

Sami’s background includes positions as Managing Director, VP Global Product Unit, Global Business Unit Director, Factory Manager and Production Manager in global manufacturing companies. 
His expertise is primarily in change management, reengineering & relocation of operations, project management as well as business and indirect sourcing lead.

Mikael Langbråten

Mikael has a background as CEO, Operations Consultant, Business Developer and in B2B sales. His expertise is primarily within change management and strategy realisation, production improvement and the food manufacturing industry.

Joakim Andersson

Joakim Andersson

Joakim has extensive management experience, primarily in the manufacturing industry, in roles that include CEO, site manager, operations manager and supply chain manager.

His main expertise is in project management, business management and business development.

Pär Lidåker

Pär has a background as CEO and owner in the furniture and manufacturing industry.
He has extensive experience in management and board assignments at both the domestic and international levels. Today, his activities include senior consultant and board assignments.
His expertise is primarily in strategy, business and concept development, and change management.

Anders Larsson

Anders Larsson

Anders has held positions such as CEO, General Manager, VP Sales & Marketing in privately owned and listed companies.
His expertise is primarily in change management, production development and production mergers.


Lennart Andersson

Info is coming.


Our consultants have well documented leadership experience at different levels and industry segments, from production and purchasing to logistics, planning, marketing and communication.

How we work

Close collaboration, an attentive ear and a great mix of different experiences and skills create results. We help our customers all the way from feasibility study and analysis right through to implementation. There’s always a minimum of two consultants in each project who are well acquainted with it, even if only one consultant is actively engaged. We see a strength in assuring the quality of our work together and in always using a close colleague as a sounding board.


We work with a number of major operators. Click here to read more about our cases.

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