Elitfönster AB

Elitfönster AB will bring operational excellence to the next generation windows.

Elitfönster AB will bring operational excellence to the next generation windows.

CHALLENGE Elitfönster AB is one of Europe’s biggest companies in the window and door industry. The Group is run from Sweden and its principal business is found throughout northern Europe. The industry is facing major challenges in the form of social requirements, insulation capacity and the choice of materials for society’s windows and doors.

THE ASSIGNMENT Focused Minds began by appointing an interim Operations Director for Region Sweden. The region is home to a number of factories and the head office in Vetlanda. The position covered the management of purchasing, logistics, production and quality assurance.

IMPLEMENTATION The key to success for an Interim Director is the ability to get to grips with the day-to-day operation quickly and get things running smoothly. During this phase, a number of improvement areas were identified to form part of improvement projects at the end of the assignment, when they were transferred to project management.

EXPERTISE Focused Minds supported Elitfönster AB with expertise in the following fields: • Leadership • Project management • Production • Supply Chain

  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Production
  • Supply Chain
  • Communication

OUTCOME Despite new conditions, the company was able to continue moving ahead without losing speed. Following reorganisation, the assignment transitioned from interim Operations Director to supporting the organization with project management for a further year.

THE CUSTOMER’S VERDICT “Focused Minds’ leadership experience provided a significant contribution to the organisation not only in terms of analysis, but especially in their ability to carry out tasks without burdening our resources. It also allowed us to improve our collaboration where necessary in other fields in terms of easing the workload within the organization where we needed additional expertise.

Their genuine interest in providing more than just ‘consultancy services’ but doing what was best for the company resulted in a delivery that not only reflected long-term thinking, but also hands-on experience in performing a high-level assignment we lacked the capacity for at that time.

For me as CEO, an experienced outsider’s opinion on major issues was excellent support, and they familiarised themselves with the relevant details that enabled us to make important decisions.”

Jonas Hernborg, CEO, Elitfönster AB