Focused Minds helps DEKRA with its Business system – procurement and implementation.

DEKRA enhances security in various industries through independent inspections, testing and certification. The company is Europe’s leading expert organisation with a presence in more than 50 countries. DEKRA Industrial in Sweden comprises 30 offices with around 450 employees.


In 2014, a decision was taken to begin a project to digitise the company’s main process for its inspection operation by delivering new system support.

The assignment included:

  • The selection of suppliers to the project.
  • Programme and project leadership on behalf of DEKRA.
  • Implementation of feasibility studies and analyses.
  • Overall responsibility for the creation of an information model.
  • Migration operations with associated data quality activities.

Based on earlier feasibility studies, a procurement was carried out including the formulation of scope, deliverables, goals, project organisation requirements and scheduling. Planning and design included activities aimed at design solutions and the design of a function chart between component systems. The design also had to cope with a future increase of the service offering and its wider dissemination within the DEKRA Group. During project implementation, the assignment included project management and the follow-up of vendor initiatives and reporting to DEKRA’s management.

The project delivered a digitised process, including mobile support. The applications support the configuration, planning and implementation of inspections; interactions with customers, and the pricing of services, contracts and invoicing. The digital process also includes integration with both the in-house business system and customer business systems.

Key factors for project implementation were:

  • The ability to balance a complex schedule of requirements.
  • Managing a complex stakeholder structure domestically and internationally.
  • A profound understanding of the inspection operation’s business model.