Beslag & Metall

Beslag & Metall has made the biggest individual investment in the company’s history with Scandinavia’s biggest press.

Thanks to the investment and its time-honoured good relations with customers, its business is growing rapidly. As this meant the organisation would be facing an intensive period, it sought the help of Focused Minds to safeguard the outcome of the new investment and free up time for the rest of the operation.

The project began with the feasibility study to analyse current capacity compared to the planned workload and to chart the location of time losses.

Efforts were begun to increase availability with the current shift manning in order to manage the planned workload.

  • Daily pulse meetings were introduced that included both maintenance and tools.
  • A clear performance scoreboard was installed to show current availability.
  • Personnel at the machine were fine tuned in their areas of responsibility.
  • The transition was filmed and analysed together with the personnel to find the best working method.
  • Scheduled maintenance of tools and equipment.

The latter part of the project focused on securing the working method for the future

“In the light of inquiries from customers and our positive forecasts, it was extremely important that the project succeed. Thus far things are looking really good and we hope to continue this progress moving forward, too. Focused Minds were easy to work with, and collaboration with their personnel was excellent at every level. I feel that these factors, combined with their experience and ability to quickly get to grips with the operation, led to the success of the project. We noted how committed their personnel were in their desire to make things succeed.”

– Jim Hallgren, Head of purchasing at Beslag & Metall